2017: Year of Open #yearofopen



“The Year of Open is a global focus on open processes, systems, and tools, created through collaborative approaches, that enhance our education, businesses, governments, and organizations. At its core, open is a mindset about the way we should meet collective needs and address challenges. It means taking a participative and engaging approach, whether to education, government, business or other areas of daily life. In its practical applications, open is about shared efforts and values to enhance people’s opportunities, understanding and experiences.

Open represents freedom, transparency, equity and participation. When something is created openly, it is intended for others to use it and contribute their expertise to it to make it better, whether that’s adding more features or information, or finding errors and fixing them quickly. During the Year of Open, we want to capture and display these efforts to increase participation and understanding of how open contributes to making things better for everyone. “

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